Next Meeting: December 14, 2017

The next meeting of the Bell Woodturners
will be December 14, 2017
at Bell Community Center in Bell, Florida.

This Thursday, December 14, we will be having our annual Christmas Party.  Same time and location as the regular meetings, 7PM at the Bell Community Center.

All members and their partners or guest are welcome.  Please bring a covered dish or desert and any serving utensils needed.  The meat and soft drinks will be provided.  (If not yet a member, just join.)
Bell Woodturners

If you would like to engage in our somewhat crazy gift exchange, bring a hand crafted gift wrapped to conceal its contents and giver.  Preferred gifts are wood turnings from the turners or any type of hand made gift from your spouse, partner, or friend if they would like to participate, or you can bring an extra woodturning for them.

Please remember that this gift exchange is being done in the spirit of having a little fun. You should expect the gift you open to be “stolen” away and not be too upset about it.  The rules are simple:  Anyone who donates a gift gets a number.  Play goes in numerical order.  You my pick a wrapped gift from the table or steal an already opened gift.  When a gift is stolen, the victim gets to pick another from the table.  Number 1 picks first, but gets to steal last.   A given gift can only be stolen twice, thus being #1 is not as good as it would seem.  No fighting.

Bell Florida Woodturners