October 2016

The Bell Woodturners
October 13, 2016
at Bell Community Center in Bell, Florida.

This month’s meeting was Thursday October 13, 2016, 7:00 pm at the Community Center in Bell, Florida.

I am very excited to announce that this month’s demo will be James Lee, from the Brooksville Woodturners. James is going to do something involving epoxies and resins.  I think this is a do not miss demo.  As always we will be meeting at the Bell  Community  Center in downtown Bell Florida at 7:00 pm on Thursday October 13. Come early and help set up for the meeting.

The AAW is offering a free trial membership. If you are not an AAW member this gives you the opportunity to ‘test’ drive the AAW website.  If you are into woodturning this offers you a ton of information, videos, links to members and just about anything else you may be interested in.  Joan Weaver has some printed info – see her for the details.

If you are considering attending the Florida Woodturning Symposium in January, you should sign up soon.  Last year the symposium filled up.  This is the Best Woodturning symposium for the money that I have ever attended. If you have questions about attending you are in luck because our demonstrator is in charge of this year’s registration, and can answer any question you have.

Next month we will be voting on  the members on the Board of Directors.  We have openings on the board.  Every club member should consider what they can contribute to help make our club a success.

I am looking for someone to help with the Christmas food: I need a volunteer to cook a 20 lb turkey.  In the years past, Kent Harriss has supplied us with his BBQ, and another member has cooked a turkey.  This year I need a cook, the club will pay for the meat, you just need to cook it.

Our sawdust session normally follows on the Saturday after our meeting.  This month we have to move the date to the following Saturday, October 22,  9 am at Joan and Larry Weaver’s home.  If you would like to attend and need directing just ask.

If you are interested in any Carter and Sons tools I have a club discount code the reduce the price.

Bell Florida Woodturners